Planning your office move

If your business is becoming more successful, there will inevitably come a point when your current office space is no longer meeting the needs of your company and the only real solution will be to move.  It can be a tedious process to move an office, and a costly one, as downtime caused by relocation could prove detrimental to the future operations of your company without adequate forward planning.

Planning is vital to ensure that your business remains productive during an office move.  You will need to plan the relocation well in advance and not leave anything to chance.  Timing is something you will need to take into consideration.  Create a team among your employees whose task it is to plan the relocation and oversee it from start to finish.

You also need to think about the long-term future of your company.  The new office space that you are making a move to needs to be planned out in order to accommodate future growth across the next five years at least.  You also need to remember to set up utilities, such as internet service and electricity, prior to moving day. If your current office is making use of rather outdated equipment then relocation offers the perfect opportunity to upgrade.  Old office furniture and equipment can be sold to needy businesses or donated to charity, and new equipment can be purchased and delivered to your new office on moving day.  This will reduce both the amount of hassle and the cost of moving.

Gene Salaz