Planning your move

Summer is traditionally the busiest period of the entire year for moving companies, with the beginning and end of months also generally busier than other times regardless of the season.  In the event that you are intending to make a move at one of these times, plan ahead so that the moving company’s schedule will fit in with your own.

The time to contact a moving company is now.  Let the company know where you will be moving to and the time period in which you wish to relocate.  Make sure that you get an estimate in writing and have the services included in this estimate explained to you in detail.  Compare each estimate carefully and judge which of the moving companies best suits your budget and requirements. Proper packing by an expert using specially designed materials and boxes is of vital importance to a successful move.  Make sure that you schedule the day of the packing a couple of days before the actual day of the move.

If you still intend to pack without any professional assistance then you should begin as soon as you can.  It is important to remember that moving companies will often not accept liability for damage to goods that have been packed by owners. Make certain that you are present when your possessions are packed.  There will be an inventory made of your items and any disagreements need to be resolved before the inventory is signed.