Planning the Final Clean for Your Old Home

Planning the Final Clean for Your Old Home

When you move out of your old home, you may be overwhelmed with everything there is to do. Packing boxes, making sure everything is loaded up into the moving truck, it is easy to forget about tidying up on your way out. It is expected that you will clean up your old place before moving out completely. Not only is it common courtesy, but also it could prevent you from paying out a hefty chunk out of a security deposit if you rented the property. Bekins Moving Solutions is here to assist you with planning the final clean for your old home.

Plan the Entire Process

The first step is to plan exactly what needs to be done and when. If you work out how you can clean each room, and what order it should be done, you can clean much more efficiently. Some people plan to clean in order of how they packed, some find it easier to clean from rooms they use the least to rooms they use the most. Write down your plan so you can cross off chores as you complete them. That way at the end of your list, you know your home is spic and span.

Use the Right Tools

Using one multi-surface cleaner for your entire house can be tempting. However, using the wrong cleaner on the wrong surface may cause discoloring or damage. The last thing you want is to have to pay for a damaged wood floor during a move. Take some time to research what cleaning supplies you will need and make sure to shop a week or so before moving day.

Don’t Forget to Look Up

Make sure you deal with any cobwebs on the ceilings. This is a great time to also clean the light fittings and fixtures. If you have vents visible in the room, you will need to dust and clean those as well. This can be done a week or so before you move house, and then you can cross it off the list.

Start with Low-Traffic Surfaces

Cleaning while you are trying to move can seem impossible when your family is dirtying the areas you are cleaning. Start with areas that aren’t commonly touched. Start with the windows and blinds move to doors and finally, tackle your countertops. Allow a day to do this, or enlist a couple of friends to help get it done quicker.

Look for Leftover Items

One of the key benefits to doing to final clean yourself is you can have one thorough look over after all your belongings have been moved out. You won’t believe how many clients have left a load of laundry in the washer or dryer after they have moved to their new home. By cleaning your old house from top to bottom, you may find items that have fallen into nooks or crannies that you would have left behind.

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