Planning for relocation

Planning for relocation

Not for nothing is moving your home commonly regarded as being one of the most stressful experiences that you will ever go through.  There are numerous important choices that have to be made, lots of things to do, and the financial, emotional and physical cost.  Organization and planning are therefore essential components of the relocation process.

One of the key aspects of planning is timing your move.  If you are presently renting your home, you need to give an appropriate amount of notice to your landlord in order to be in accordance with your lease and with the relevant tenancy legislation.  Should you be intending to settle the sale of one home at the exact same time as you buy another, you should be certain that your lawyer is fully aware of this in order for them to be able to correctly advise you and take the appropriate steps to make it happen.

The logistics of the move also need to be organized properly.  You need to determine the best method of moving your possessions to their new home, which is a job that will inevitably require plenty of packing materials, at least one heavy vehicle, and plenty of muscle.  This is a job that should really be left to a professional moving company.  Think about what you intend to do with any belongings that will not be making the relocation with you and make sure you have given yourself enough time to be able to get everything done.

If you cannot or do not want to pack and then unpack everything by yourself, you can engage the services of professional packers.  Providing you can afford this, it does make a great deal of good sense to allow your packing to be done by professionals due to the fact that they will possess both the packing materials and the expertise to perform the task with great efficiency.  It might make more sense for you to perform at least some of the unpacking, however, as this can not only be done more at your own pace but also because you are the one who really knows where everything should ultimately go.

The crucial rule of unpacking is to begin with the most important items.  Get the bed made up, put the perishables in the refrigerator and make sure that bathroom and kitchen basics are all in position.  You should also get a floor plan of your new home and determine where heavy goods such as furniture should go.  A copy can be provided to your moving company in order to cut down on the amount of moving and heavy lifting that will have to be done later on. Packing, moving and then unpacking all of your belongings puts you at risk of loss or damage.  The moving company may offer guarantees for some of these risks, while others should be covered by insurance.  Make certain that your current home insurance policy will cover you for your move.  You should invest in valuation coverage with the moving company conducting your move.