Planning a long distance move

Planning a long distance move

Moving to a different country or even state can be a very different experience to just moving across the same town.  If a large change of scenery sounds appealing, you should take a good look at your situation as soon and as realistically as possible.  Moving to Alaska might seem very exotic if you have never seen snow before, but the culture shock can be enormous and might see you heading back home with your tail between your legs within just a couple of months.  All areas have something valuable and unique to offer; however, you also need to understand the particular challenges of these locations and it is therefore a very good idea to do a little research before you actually move there.

We start accumulating possessions almost from the moment we come into the world.  Misjudging which items we need to keep and which we do not can turn a long distance move into a strategic disaster.  The good news is that there are a number of different strategies for making sure that the move is a success.  Moving can be a great adventure and all you really need is a good solid plan.  One of the most important tips is to be aware of where you are moving to.  If you are relocating to a city loft, the extra bedroom set you currently possess is only going to get in your way.  Taking your new home into account offers crucial information as to what you should take with you and what you should not.  Other clues come from the weather, your new lifestyle, and the available space.  You will also need to learn about city and state ordinances regarding leash laws and vaccinations if you have pets, and you should gather important information about vehicle laws, your housing complex’s by-laws, the vagaries of insurance, and schools.

Among your possessions will be goods you wish to keep, goods you want to donate, give away or sell, and junk that can simply be thrown out.  You should organize your possessions into these categories as you sort through them.  If you are doing your own packing, one good tip used by professional movers is to pack one room at a time.  This makes unpacking after the move a lot easier, as items become a lot simpler to find when you know the room boxes they have been packed in.

If you have not made use of a particular item for more than 12 months, you might want to think about giving it away to someone who will get more use out of it.  Many items in your possession are unlikely to ever be used again and it is a waste of both time and money to have them transported a long distance to your new home.  A big move can rarely be pulled off alone and hiring the services of a professional moving company is often by far the best way to go.