Places to move to if you are in Generation Y

Places to move to if you are in Generation Y

Generation Y, or the Millennials, are looking to move, according to new statistics.  Many are expected to move for jobs, education, relationships and other life reasons.

A study was conducted to show where these individuals might move to.  Some of the top markets to move to include Dallas, TX; Tallahassee, FL; Athens, GA; Phoenix, AZ; and Pittsburgh, PA.

Dallas is considered a top town for relocation due to the many universities.  There are also aquariums, arboretums and museums to enjoy within a short drive.  Tallahassee is another college town where so many of the individuals looking for higher education can find fairly affordable universities, as well as other major towns.

Anyone looking to relocate will need to be strategic in their move.  Just choosing one place over another due to universities or activities is not enough.  The job market must be a consideration for a move when it comes to the Y generation and Millennials, even if they are going for their higher education.

Planning ahead as to whether the town they go to for college will have jobs or not is important.  The recent recession has reminded us all how hard it can be to get a job.  It can be especially hard for those who graduate with very little job experience.  A market that has very few jobs for the chosen field will definitely make it harder on those who are relocating now for job possibilities in the future.

Lance Grooms