Pick your moving date wisely

Pick your moving date wisely

Moving from Tracy or Southern Highlands is not much different with regard to the actions you need to take.  You have to plan, pack and be ready on moving day.  There are certain things you can do to make your move a little easier than it might otherwise be.  A good example is your choice of moving day.  Major holidays such as Christmas, Fourth of July and Labor Day are not a good time to move.  These holidays tend to have increased travel on the roads, making it more difficult to transport your items in a timely and efficient manner.  Even moving to another part of town can be a challenge on these holidays; however, it might be better to travel in the same city than to undergo a long distance move on a major traveling holiday.

Your stress level is probably already high due to the move and all of the packing you have to do.  Undertaking a stressful drive for your long distance move will just make it worse.  You might hire a moving company to do the driving for you, but if it is actually a major holiday they are transporting on their fees will be more.  Some companies may be closed, especially for Christmas.  This would mean that your belongings are sitting at the driver’s home or wherever the driver stopped for the holiday.  You can always plan for the moving company to handle your belongings a week before or after the major holiday for better convenience.

The best solution is to pick a time of year that is slower for the moving company and a time when the holiday will not interfere at all.  Nowadays there are actually quite a few people who move during the Christmas holiday, such as the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  They are mostly college students who have decided to graduate high school early and move to college for the spring semester.  Since the school system allows for early graduation, unlike 20 years ago, there are more students taking advantage of moving on with their education.  There are also always college students that move back home during the break after deciding to terminate their college experience.  Others move out of the dorms and into apartment rentals with their friends.  This can mean that December and the beginning of January are busy with college moves, making it difficult for your typical move.

You also want to consider the weather when moving.  For a moment consider that you are about to move from Tracy up to Washington State.  Grants Pass or the Columbia River Gorge could be closed to big rigs due to snowstorms in winter.  Leaving Tampa to head to Albany New York in winter could lead to the same issues of snowstorms causing moving trucks to be delayed.  Fall or spring, before the weather turns severe, are the best times to move; fall because the snow has yet to interfere and spring because the heat has yet to be oppressive.

Jon Huser