Pick a neighborhood in San Diego

Pick a neighborhood in San Diego

If you are considering a move to San Diego, you will probably know that there are plenty of different neighborhoods for you to consider. The city has been referred to as a ‘city of villages’, with a very different feel to each place. Here are just a few of these neighborhoods for you to consider:

Little Italy is one of the most popular areas. Fairly small in terms of population, it is great for those who like to ride bikes or walk, not to mention those who want to live somewhere where there is always something happening. It is slightly more expensive than some of the other neighborhoods for both buying and renting a property.

Next up is La Mesa, which is slightly cheaper than Little Italy if you are considering a San Diego relocation. The schools in the area are considered to be reasonable and this is one neighborhood where you will definitely need to have a car, although there is a downtown area of the neighborhood that is designed for pedestrians.

In Otay Mesa you will find that the properties are even cheaper to rent and buy. The development of the Cross Border Access Terminal means that the area is popular with commuters and people heading to Tijuana airport. There are also plans to give a lift to Brown Field airport.

The Imperial Beach area is also a possibility if you want to move to San Diego. Again, properties here are reasonably priced and there are plans for much development in the area, giving the neighborhood a whole new lease of life.