PCS Move – Household Good Shipment

PCS Move – Household Good Shipment

When you get your PCS orders, you are also being given permission to ship your household goods. While you are limited on weight, most of your household goods and belongings can be shipped at no cost to yourself. The weight limit varies from officer to officer and will take into account their military rank and how many people are going to be making the military move with them. Bekins Moving Solutions is a military moving expert and is happy to assist you with your next PCS move. Here are a few things you need to know about a household good shipment.

What Does the Weight Limit Include?

The weight limit covers not just furniture but unaccompanied baggage too. You will need to take into account your clothing, electrical equipment, kitchen goods, and other items. Typically, most people that we move have a weight limit of approximately 2,000 lbs. It is important to note that your weight limit may vary not only on your rank, but also where you are moving to, and if your family is coming with you or not. The weight limit can go up or down depending on these factors.

Clean Before Your PCS

Before your military move, it is helpful to clean out all the items you are not using. This can help free up space for items that you need to move. The last thing you would want is your weight limit to be taken up by a lot of stuff that you don’t even use on a regular basis. Sell what you can, donate what you cannot sell, and throw away anything that is trash. Many people find that when they are a bit over the weight limit, a thorough cleaning can put them back under. There are resources available to you that will allow you to check weight allowances and calculate how much your things weigh so you can plan ahead.

Re-Enforce Your Boxes

If you are packing for a move overseas, you should always re-enforce your boxes that will be included in your household good shipment. Sometimes during transit, things can get shuffled around. To keep all your belongings in pristine condition, make sure to pack them properly and re-enforce each box with clear packing tape.

Keep an Inventory

Keeping track of your items may seem like a stressful task, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply take photos of your items before you pack them away. You can even create a spreadsheet listing the item, its condition, serial number (if applicable), and its fair market value. This inventory will be useful for determining what you can part with or sell if you are above the weight limit for your household good shipment.

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