Patrick Horan moves into renovated home

Patrick Horan moves into renovated home

Army Captain Patrick Horan has had a long journey since 2007.  In 2007, he was in Baghdad when he suffered a massive injury.  He was shot in the head on a mission, but he has been saved.  It took several brain surgeries and a very long rehabilitation to get him to relearn how to talk and walk.  He also had to travel the US seeing numerous specialists in order to return to the man he once was.

On Tuesday morning he was offered a standing ovation from volunteers.  The volunteers helped to renovate his home.  He and his wife will move into the renovated home now, which has been set up to make his life a little easier.  His wife was with him every step of the way to his recovery, which makes the move into their renovated home one of emotion.

The house was given an elevator.  The bathroom was also upgraded to include a larger space with accessible features such as railings.  The entire home has railings and wider doorways to make it easier for Captain Horan to move around his home.  He is able to walk but he has a brace, which is why the home needed to be renovated.  The deck and back yard were also improved.  His wife, Patty, told the media that it was a long journey and a great day to celebrate.  Captain Horan lost part of the left side of his brain and skull in order to remove the damage.  Some fragments are still inside his skull.  His wife told the media that there was definite worry he would never be able to speak or walk again.

The change to his home came about through the Heroes at Home program sponsored by Sears.  These volunteers go around helping thousands of veterans to obtain a home that can work for them, even if they do not have the income for the repairs.  Captain Horan has very little income and spent a great deal on hospital bills.  Rather than having to relocate from a home that is familiar to him, he will be able to stay.  The couple did have to relocate temporarily while the work was being conducted, but then they were on the move a lot to get his medical condition checked by specialists and improved.

Captain Horan certainly deserved the help he received after fighting for his country overseas.  His injury was caused when he helped to defend our country from terrorists.  The fact that many volunteers helped him so that he would not have to undergo his final military move to somewhere more convenient is amazing.  These military moves by volunteers to help those in need show how important Captain Horan and veterans are to the nation.  Captain Horan now has a home that is easier for his disability to handle.  He and his wife can finally settle down again to live out their lives together, which after the little hope received in 2007 is definitely worth celebrating.

Lance Grooms