Passports and visas for an overseas move

Passports and visas for an overseas move

One of the first things you will need to do when preparing for an overseas move is to get the necessary travel documents secured and complete the paperwork that is required for a lengthy stay.  This process should commence well in advance of the date of your departure.

Documentation procedures and requirements are complicated and detailed, and can often be subject to change.  Every country will have its own requirements; therefore, you must always check the requirements for the country you are making a move to and never assume that its rules and regulations are the same as any other nation.

The best place to start working out what documents, including visas, passports, registration requirements and permits, you are going to need is your host country’s consular office.  You will also need to find out from the consulate which documents, forms and papers you need to provide or complete and any other information you can ascertain.  It is a good idea to double-check with the consulate at periodic intervals to make sure that your details are still up to date, as regulations can change at very short notice.

Passports are almost always necessary to enter another country, whether for relocation or vacation purposes, and visas will in most cases not be issued unless the applicant already has a passport.  All family members should have their own passports and these should remain valid beyond the period of your intended stay.