How to Pack Jewelry for a Move

How to Pack Jewelry for a Move

Jewelry Packing Tips
When you are moving, you may be wondering how to pack some of your most valuable and sentimental items, like jewelry. Everyone has experienced the frustration of tangled necklaces and bracelets during transport or the heartbreak of a scratched watch face. Thankfully myBekins knows how to quickly and safely pack your jewelry, so it remains in pristine condition when you reach your new destination.

Jewelry Box

If you have a jewelry box, then packing is simple. Just place some protection foam around your box and secure it down, so it does not open during transport. The box itself is strong enough to protect your jewelry during the move. If there is too much space inside the box that you worry about things getting jumbled, fill the inside with some layered foam and then secure the top.

The jewelry box should also be wrapped, so the outside is protected. Use packing paper and wrap it as though you are wrapping a gift. Your moving company can then pack the box into a larger box with the rest of your belongings. If you have a large freestanding jewelry box, you need to pack it as you would any other piece of fragile furniture.

Packing Individual Pieces of Jewelry

If you do not own a jewelry box, then you need to find a small box that is stronger than a typical cardboard container. After you find a sturdy box, you will need to protect each item inside. Do the following:

  • Use tissue paper to wrap watches or other fragile jewelry items individually to help to prevent scratches.
  • Secure each piece with tape and place in a Ziploc bag.
  • Label each item and inventory with the fair market value of the piece.
  • Place the bags into the sturdy box and secure the top.

The box will then need to be made stable so that nothing can move around while it is in transit. You can put tissue paper into any gaps in the box to ensure that your jewelry doesn’t get thrown around during your move.

Keep Track of Your Items

Jewelry is different than other items in that many pieces hold a lot of emotional value as well as having the potentially to be very expensive. When packing items that are exceptionally pricey, you may want to consider insurance to cover any accidental loss. Additionally, myBekins recommends keeping small valuables like jewelry with you during your move. Anything of high monetary or emotional value will always be safest with you. You can also keep track of your items by creating a moving inventory using a smartphone app. You will always have the peace of mind that you will always know exactly where your items are.

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