Packing Your Comic Books for Moving Day

Packing Your Comic Books for Moving Day

Comic books are part of our culture. We idolize the heroes and heroines that save the day. But when you have to pack and move your comic books, your movers become your superheroes. The people who collect comic books do so because these items have sentimental and monetary value. Not to mention, they are really fun to look at! The last thing you want is for them to be damaged when you are moving. Bekins Moving Solutions can assist you in getting your beloved comics to your new place without a hitch! Here are a few tips for packing your comic books for moving day.

Give Individual Attention

First of all, take your comic books and make sure that they are individually bagged and boarded, which offers additional protection during the move. Before sealing the bag, flatten the bag and ensure there is no trapped air. Trapped air can cause the bag to balloon up and allow room for creases and wrinkles. Tape the bags closed and place a small cardboard piece between each comic. This is crucial when storing the comics for the long-term.

Sandwich the Comics Between Cardboard Dividers

When you are moving comics, the key is to secure them tightly. The comic books need to be reinforced with a panel of cardboard on the top and bottom of each comic. Stack 4-5 comics together and place them in a second bag. Secure the bag with tape and meticulously stack them inside your moving box.

Choose Your Packing Box Wisely

Choosing a sturdy packing box is key when packing your comic books. Make sure that the packing box that you are using is properly padded and insulated with polystyrene beans or scrunched up packing paper. Do not use newspaper, which can inadvertently cause ink smudges when you unpack. Put the stack of comic books inside the box and then fill in any gaps with the remaining packing material. Check to make sure there is no wiggle room after the box is packed. If there is space, fill it with packing material.

Tape & Label

Tape the box down securely and check again for any space by lightly swaying the box. Label the box clearly and do not place any heavy boxes on top. Specify on the box that this box should remain on top during shipment. This will prevent any boxes from crushing it during transport.

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