Packing up your kitchen

Although it may appear to be small and simple to pack, the reality is that packing up your kitchen may prove to be one of the most time-consuming activities that you will have to perform when moving.  There is a wide array of items that needs to be carefully wrapped and then placed in boxes.

The kitchen is home to a large amount of items, including numerous plates, bottles, furniture items, appliances, sinks and knives.  You will have to be very well organized if you intend to get the job finished before the deadline, and the good news is that there are some helpful tips that can assist you in properly and speedily packing up your kitchen.

One good tip is to make sure to plan ahead.  You should clean all the items in your kitchen and write them down in an inventory list.  This is also the ideal time to make a decision as to whether you intend to keep some of your older possessions or get rid of them before the relocation.  You might even want to try to earn some money from you unwanted old belongings by staging a garage sale.  It is very important to assess the amount of possessions you will be moving, as this will help you to decide on the number of packing materials you are going to need.

Another good tip is to pack an essentials box at the start of the process.  Place the items you will need right after the move has been completed, such as knives, spoons, glasses, forks, plates and a toaster, in this box.