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Packing up Tools

While many people take a lot of care over packing up their household items, sometimes they do not pay sufficient attention to the items they keep in their garages and garden sheds. Tools can easily be damaged during a move and, as a move is already an expensive process, you can do without the necessity of having to replace items.

If you are packing up garden tools, make sure that your long-handled tools are bundled together and secure the handles with tape. Anything with a sharp edge should be wrapped so that it does not present any danger to anybody moving it. Tools normally kept in a tool box can be left there and you can just pad out the gaps with crushed paper to prevent the tools from moving around in transit.

If you are packing up power tools, make sure that any attachments such as blades or drill bits are removed before you begin. Pack the attachments separately to reduce the possibility of damage during transit. Heavier tools should be packed into smaller boxes so that nobody gets hurt trying to lift them.

If you have any power tools that use oil or gas, make sure that they are drained in advance. Your moving company may not be able to put anything on the truck that works in this way unless it knows that it has been drained. Speak to your moving company in advance and get advice on this issue, as the professionals are best placed to point you in the right direction. 


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