Packing up the storage shed and garage

Packing up the storage shed and garage

Packing the storage shed and garage for the purpose of making a move might end up taking a good deal more time than you might initially think.  Such areas are normally filled with a strange mixture of items such as racks, hoes, garden gnomes, lawn mowers and weed whackers; however these places can also hold goods than can be hazardous if they leak or are spilled, such as antifreeze, fertilizer, gas and oils.

As is also the case with your other packing efforts, you need to go through these goods to determine what you want to take with you on the move and what should be sold, given or even thrown away.  Moving companies may be unable to move or store items with such contents. If your move is a local one, simply moving all the items is likely to be a more sensible and cheaper option than having to buy them all again later; however, if you are moving to a smaller home then you may well need to sell unnecessary items prior to the relocation.

A large number of garage items run on gasoline or may be in need of oil, or perhaps have been in use recently in order to paint your home.  Prior to moving these goods you should find out what you are able and not able to pack safely.

Gas powered items tend to come in unusual shapes and can be awkward and heavy to try to pack.  Before you even try you should make sure that they have been drained of any and all harmful liquids.