Packing up a kitchen

Packing up a kitchen

The packing up of a kitchen prior to a move is never going to be easy, as it requires all of our concentration and many hours of tedious work.  The kitchen contains numerous fragile and small items in addition to a multitude of appliances that need to be packed up with the appropriate materials and according to certain rules.

One important tip for packing up a kitchen for a move is to clean the room and all the items before you get started.  It is not a good idea to transport items that are dusty and dirty; therefore, clean the items and the floor a couple of days ahead of the relocation so that they have time to dry before the arrival of the moving company.

You also need to sort out the items you have in your kitchen.  Possessions such as chipped or damaged glasses or plates should be disposed of rather than transported to your new home.  Make a quick examination of all the items in your kitchen and separate out everything that is not worth the time or effort to move.

Creating an inventory list is a valuable exercise.  Noting down everything that you intend to take with you on the move, such as tables, cutlery, plates, glasses, chairs and electronic devices, will make it easy to spot if any items are missing when you begin the process of unpacking your possessions in your new home and will also help you to ensure that you acquire the necessary amount of packing materials.