Packing tricks and tips for a military move

Many military families will move so many times that they develop a kind of art form when it comes to the packing and repacking of their personal possessions.  There are a number of tips that are excellent for those in the military who have to move on a regular basis.

One good tip is to meticulously attach five labels to the packing boxes.  These should go on the top and all four sides, but not on the bottom of the box.  Nor is it enough to simply name the room from which the goods originated; you should add a major item in the box to the name of the room that the box’s contents originate from and also note whether the contents are fragile.  Including the location, the major item and the vulnerability of the box’s contents will be of great assistance when you are in need of a particular item after the move but do not wish to search through several different boxes all labeled with the same room name in order to find it.

Another good tip is to pack items in small boxes.  While you will be likely to have assistance from a military approved moving company, you want to cut down on the number of boxes that will need two people just to move them.  This can also enable children to be of assistance. Establishing an assembly line is another good tip.  It might take a little planning to begin with, but getting a good packing system up and running will reap benefits in terms of time and effort.

Rick Wozniak