Packing tips

Packing tips

Is packing an art form or more like one of the sciences?  Whatever your opinion, there is no doubt that the consequences of poor packing can be extremely expensive and distressing.  When packing is done correctly, on the other hand, you will be able to move into your brand new home with both peace of mind and your dinner set intact.

It takes patience, time and a good system to learn how to pack like a professional, as well some fairly cheap but also quite specific packing materials that can make the entire process a lot easier and faster.

A system is something that cannot be beaten if you want to learn how to pack like a professional.  Be careful and methodical and you will end up feeling like you are always in control when it comes to your relocation.  Diary entries are important when it comes to making a smooth exit.  Make a quick estimate of how long you think it will take to pack up your house.  One to two days for each room and two to three days for the garage and kitchen are good rules of thumb.  Be sure to set this time aside in a diary, as there will always seem to be something more interesting to do.

You should start the process of packing by looking at the items you did not even remember owning, let alone using.  It is better to cull these items now than go through the time and expense of moving unnecessary items with you to your new home.

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