Packing tips – using wardrobe boxes

Packing tips – using wardrobe boxes

It can be very tempting just to fill random suitcases when you are packing up your clothes to move home; however, there are specialist wardrobe boxes available that you can use to keep you clothes in the best possible condition.

Wardrobe boxes are tall boxes that allow you to hang your clothes up so that they can be moved in the same condition they were in while in your own wardrobe. You can also use these boxes for blankets, pillows and comforters. The wardrobe boxes come in a variety of sizes and you will need to check which size you have. If the boxes are being provided by your moving company, find out the width so that you can accurately calculate how many you are going to need.

When you are packing the wardrobe boxes, make sure that they are not too heavy for you to lift. Remember that they are made from cardboard ‒ albeit strong cardboard ‒ and this could give way if you make them too heavy. Your moving company should be able to tell you the maximum weight that each box will safely hold.

Wardrobe boxes usually have a door at the front, which makes them easy to use over and over again and provides easy access to your clothes or other items. They are also ideal to pass on to friends or family who might be planning a house move, as they can be used multiple times provided that they have not sustained too much damage.