Packing tips in preparation for a move

Packing tips in preparation for a move

Making a move takes a good deal of time.  If you intend to do your own packing then you will need to make certain that you have plenty of time to do so, which is preferably at least six weeks prior to the day of the move.  Time, money and lots of frustration can be saved with careful planning and packing.

You should start the packing process by making a decision about which items you intend to move to your new home with you and which you can leave behind.  Some items may no longer be of use to you or may not be worth relocating, while you may not have room for other items if you are moving to a smaller home.  Regardless of the reason, the decision about which items you take with you and which you do not should be made before you start packing.

The next thing to do is to begin gathering packing supplies for the move.  Try to make a good estimate about what you will need for the relocation so that you have enough supplies on hand when you start packing.  You can begin collecting boxes from local stores, friends and your workplace; alternatively, you might want to think about buying packing kits or moving kits from moving companies or on the internet.

It is a good idea to pack non-essential items first.  If you are moving during the summer, for example, it is a good idea to start with items such as heavy blankets, winter sports equipment and your winter clothes.