Packing tips for moving

Packing tips for moving

Moving into a brand new home can be an exciting idea, but the thought of having to pack up your entire life in order to be able to do so is rarely quite so enticing.  All of your furniture, your linens and all of the other stuff that you have managed to accumulate over the course of the years takes energy, manpower and time to pack up and move from one place to another.

Some people are the type to just chuck everything into a box, while others are more likely to spend a good deal of time making sure that their possessions are packed carefully.  It is, of course, always possible to hire a moving company to do the packing for you, but the fact is that most people still tend to prefer to do the packing themselves.

There are a few things that are a good idea to bear in mind before you begin the packing process.  One of these things is the need to label and categorize wisely.  No one wants to have to empty an entire box in order to find just one small item, so before you begin packing make sure that you have separated everything into categories, such as linens, bathroom items, kitchen items,  so that it is easier to find things later on.

Boxes should be filled to the top.  Boxes that have not been fully filled can buckle if a heavier box is placed on top of them, so fill each box to the top; however,ensure that the weight is not too heavy for someone to carry.

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