Packing tips for a smoother move

Packing tips for a smoother move

Moving is always a stressful experience; however, the reality is that things can go a lot smoother than many people seem to think providing that they keep a positive attitude and follow a number of pretty simple tips.  In this way, moving can be accomplished both more cheaply and more rapidly.

One good tip is to begin the process of packing as soon as possible.  No matter how confident you are, the reality is that packing a household is no small task.  You should begin at least two weeks prior to the day of the move – three weeks if you can.  The items that you make the least use of should be the first things to be packed; books and china are good examples of this.

Strategic packing is also very important.  The boxes that you know you will need to use very soon after the move has been completed should be marked with some sort of easily identifiable symbol so that they can be easily located.  A suitcase, hamper or something else that offers very easy access should be made use of in order to store your immediately-required belongings such as toiletries, towels, sheets, and a change of clothing.

Lampshades should be packed and then stacked.  Lampshades often come in for a bit of a hammering during relocation and each shade should be removed, stacked small to large and then placed together in the same box.  This will help to make sure that they arrive in your new home still in one piece!