Packing tips for a low budget

Packing tips for a low budget

While it is always recommended that you buy strong cardboard boxes when you are packing up your home for a move, this may not always fit in with the budget you have allocated. Sometimes there is no spare cash for items such as these and you have to be a little more resourceful.

It is a good idea to talk to your moving company, which may be happy to throw in a few boxes and some packing materials with the cost of your move. Such boxes will always be of good quality.

The next step is to talk to friends or family, particularly those who have moved recently. They may have packing materials left over from their house move that they do not know what to do with and you could take these off their hands. You just need to be careful with boxes that have already been used, as they may be weaker than newer boxes and might not be suitable for heavier or more delicate items. Check how strong these boxes are and use them for other things if needed.

You can also collect boxes from local stores or your workplace. Shops tend to receive a lot of cardboard boxes containing their stock and they may be only too happy for you to take these boxes away. If you work in a place that posts out a lot of items, your boss may be happy for you to take some new boxes or used boxes; however, make sure that you obtain permission first.