Packing linens for a move

Packing linens for a move

If you are about to move then you will want to securely pack your linens in order to make sure that they are not torn or otherwise damaged during transit.  The first thing you will need is the right packing material, which includes medium sized and large moving boxes, large freezer bags, marker pen, clear heavy duty plastic bags, packing tape and, of course, your linens.

I recommend that before you actually pack your linens you need to figure out whether or not you might be interested in using them in the form of padding for other items during the relocation process.  Sheets, small blankets and towels are great to make use of as a way to wrap fragile possessions such as electronics, glassware and lamps.  It also saves you both space on the truck and the cost of having to buy more packing paper.

If using your linens as wrapping seems like a pretty good idea to you, put them to one side in a box or a bin and make sure that you can keep them handy while you are packing for the move.

If you don’t want to do this or you have other extra linens that still need packing afterwards, gather them all up and fold them as neatly as you possibly can.  They should then be laid in piles on a big table according to their size.  Place each of the piles of linen in a plastic bag.  You can put smaller linens such as hand towels in big freezer bags, and then put the bags in labeled boxes.

Jon Huser