Packing like a professional

Packing like a professional

When you are packing in preparation for a move, you may want to ask yourself whether you should handle the packing yourself or hire the services of a professional to do it for you instead.  Many people only use the services of a moving company for the physical relocation itself and prefer to handle the packing on their own.  On the other hand, many other people believe that hiring a professional to do the packing is worth every extra penny.

If hiring a professional to do the packing is something you are either not comfortable with or simply cannot afford to do, there are some professional packing tips which can be followed to make certain that your belongings arrive at your new place without any scrapes, cracks or permanent damage.

With some specialty items or belongings that are worth a great deal of money, it might be worth the extra cash to get a professional to make sure that they are packed properly.  Chandeliers and big glass pieces such as glass top tables, oversized mirrors and sculptures, as well as a number of fine antique furnishings, might require proper padding.

There is no specific need to use brand new boxes for moving; indeed, in these days of recycling, it is probably better not to.  In the end I think the best advice with boxes is simply to use what is within your budget and is best for your possessions.

Jon Huser