Packing kitchen items for moving

Packing kitchen items for moving

Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is the one that contains the most breakable items.  When the time comes that you need to move somewhere new, I feel that it is very important to put a lot of time and effort into the packing of your kitchen items.  The good news is that all of this time and effort will be made more than worthwhile when you arrive at your new destination to find that all of your fine china and teacups made the move intact.

The first thing you need to do when packing your kitchen items is to be prepared with the right equipment such as rolls of bubble wrap, tissue paper, filling material, recycled paper and various assorted boxes.

The next step is to carefully wrap every piece of china either in bubble wrap or a minimum of two sheets of recycled paper.  These should be stacked on their sides within a medium-sized, sturdy box that has been lined with filling material or bubble wrap.  Filling material should then be added in order to cushion the plates on every side.  The box should then be sealed with packing tape, and do not forget to label it as ‘FRAGILE’.

Cups and mugs should also be individually wrapped in either recycled paper or bubble wrap and placed one layer at a time on their sides, again in a medium-sized, sturdy box with appropriate lining.  Filling material should be added over each layer or a cardboard divider placed within in order to separate the layers.  Seal and label the box.