Packing items for storage

If you are intending to put your belongings into storage there are a number of tips that you can follow in order to make sure that you have packed them in the best manner possible.  One good tip is to never put too much weight into any single box.  If you think a box might have become too heavy then split the contents into two separate boxes instead.  It is important to keep in mind that the taping on a box will not be able to withstand a great deal of weight.
On every side of a box that you intend to put into storage you should write down its contents and the sort of room in which it belongs.  Never write on just the one side, as that side will often end up on the top and result in a big problem if you want to take out just the one item.

Magazines, books and other paper files can end up becoming extremely heavy.  Although they are very simple to pack they should not be overloaded, as you will find that they are then almost impossible to be able to pick up due to their sheer weight.
All paper objects such as magazines and books should be wrapped in plastic coverings or plastic bags before they are put into a box, as this prevents them both from getting wet in the event of it raining during the move and from gradually accumulating moisture.