Packing furniture in the right way

Packing furniture in the right way

Some of the most important items in any household are pieces of furniture.  No home can ever be complete without chairs or a sofa to sit on, or a bed to sleep on, not to mention tables, cabinets, desks and stools.  As many of these items are bulky or heavy, it can be a challenging and daunting task to get them packed and ready for relocation.  Making a move with furniture can be a difficult endeavor, especially if you are moving long distance, and there can be damage during the transition if the furniture has not been correctly packed or prepared.  The good news is that these damages can be avoided by following some simple pieces of advice on how to correctly pack items of furniture.

The first thing that you need to do is to come up with an inventory of all the furniture that you are going to require in your new home.  Think about how long it will take to disassemble all the items that can be dismantled and what you will be able to get done in advance of the move.  This will help you to work out the kind of packing materials that you need and how much you should get.  Make sure that all the required packing materials are obtained well in advance, including items such as bubble wrap, old newspapers, zippered plastic bags, covers for sofas and mattresses, old blankets and towels, blank newsprint prints, plastic stretch wrap, and packing tape.

If you are intending to wrap and pack your furniture and make sure that it is ready for relocation then you should also make certain that you have had the items thoroughly cleaned prior to doing so.  It is a bad idea to pack furniture that is very dusty or dirty and will then need cleaning when you get to your new home.  Furniture pieces that are able to be disassembled or detached should be the first items to be prepared.  Anything that is able to be detached should be, including legs, shelves, bed frames and arms.  It can take time to disassemble furniture, so this is something else that needs to begin as early as possibly.   Large items of furniture that have been disassembled into smaller pieces will be a lot easier to pack.  You should keep a plastic zippered bag on hand and make sure that all the hardware, including bolts and nuts, are kept in it.

Packing tape should not be directly applied to the surface of furniture.  The best idea is to wrap the pieces of your furniture with blank newspapers or bubble wrap and then make use of the packing tape.  Once the furniture pieces have been securely wrapped you can then pack them with blankets and towels in order to provide them with proper cushioning to ensure that they are unable to be damaged in transit.  You can also protect wood furnishings from the prospect of being scratched while moving with the application of wax.