Packing for your office move

Packing for your office move

Office Moving ServiceWhen packing for an office move you should pack everything that is in your desk, bookcase, map/blueprint files, wooden lateral file cabinets and credenza.  All valuable and personal items should be carried with you, including small plants, diplomas, artwork, CDs, removable disk drives, pictures, handheld calculators and fragile bric-a-brac.

Any small, loose, miscellaneous goods such as paper clips and pens should be placed into zip-top bags during relocation. Crushable items such as typewriters, calculators, bric-a-brac, computers, desk organizers and diplomas should not be packed.

Prior to packing crates, the first crate should be placed on top of a dolly; pack this crate, seal it and then add a further crate.  Leave the top crate open if you have oversized items.  One dolly can only take four crates.

When it comes to labeling, the coordinator of the office move for your company will give you a room number and the color code for your new office.  It is very important to use a ballpoint pen to mark labels and to make sure that the correct room number has been written.

Labels should be placed on either the front or the top of items of furniture to ensure that that they are easily visible.  Everything that is going to be relocated, including mats, removable shells, glass tops of desks, keyboards, lamps, chairs, desk pads, desks with returns and monitors, should be labeled. A professional moving consultant will be able to help with each step of this process or at least able to provide the proper materials for your staff to do so.