Packing electronics for a move

Time and patience are required when it comes to packing electronic devices and appliances.   Electronic items are very valuable and should be handled with a great deal of care.  You will require materials, planning and some extra assistance, and the good news is that there are some good tips to guide you through this process.

You should make sure that you have got hold of all the necessary packing materials and supplies before you even think about starting to pack up your electrical goods for the move.  Materials that you will require include paper pads, rolls of tape, packing paper, marker pens and sturdy cardboard boxes.  If you still have the original boxes that the electronic items came in and they remain in good condition, it is best to make use of these; otherwise, you can use furniture removal cartons, double-walled boxes or other boxes that have been specially designed.

You also need to adhere to any and all rules for making a move with an electronic item that are laid down by its user manual.  There are often strict rules for the packing and moving of some electronic items, particularly large and expensive ones such as plasma televisions.

All wires and plugs should be disconnected from the electronic item before you attempt to move it.  Objects that might be inside the devices, such as DVDs and CDs, should also be removed, and you should also remember to label all the associated cables and cords.