Packing cups and china for a move

Moving can be a dangerous endeavor and can cause irreparable damage to fragile goods such as cups, china or glassware.  The good news is that there are effective ways to protect your fragile items.  Many moving companies will be able to offer materials and boxes that have been specially designed to help, and there are several other things you can do to ensure the safety of your items.

One good tip is to gather boxes and materials before you begin packing.  Begin by buying a dish pack – a sturdy, corrugated box that features a double wall construction.  A dish pack is perfect for packing cups, vases, china, glassware and many other similar goods, and is available from most moving companies.  Also vital to offer maximum protection to fragile items during a move are packing peanuts.

Every item should be wrapped individually before relocation, preferably with the use of multiple layers of bubble wrap or perhaps newspaper.  The china items should never come into contact with each other and you should also make certain that each individual item has enough padding material around it.  Cushioning should be placed between the lids and the main body of items such as sugar bowls and teapots.

Boxes should be packed and labeled accordingly to their content.  Glass plates, other flat glassware objects and bigger china items can be put at the bottom of the box, forming the first layer of a dish pack.  Cushioning material should then be placed at the bottom and each piece should be individually wrapped before possibly wrapping again in a bundle with several items in another layer of newspaper.