Packing checklist

Packing checklist

Making a move to a new house or location can be a pretty overwhelming prospect, and never more so than at the beginning when you have to start packing up all of your worldly goods.  The good news is that with a little bit of organization and forward planning, unnecessary expense and stress on the day of the move can be reduced.

It is of crucial importance that no task is left until the last moment when you move home.  You should begin your preparation with the creation of a checklist that includes a timeline clearly showing when various packing materials need to be gathered, when your possessions need to be packed, and when the movers need to be notified.

Relocation to a new home can be relatively stress-free and seamless by following a few simple tips.  One of these tips is to organize and declutter your home before you start packing.  Make a decision as to what you really need to keep in your new home and get rid of anything and everything else.  This will be a big help when it comes to saving money on storage material such as packing boxes.

You also need to create a checklist of all of the packing materials you will require to facilitate your move.  Ensure that all of your breakable and valuable items are separated from everything else; they should be carefully packed in a manner designed to cut down on the risk of damage.  Packing your items yourself or having the professional moving company pack your items will affect the valuation coverage of those items.

Jon Huser