Packing antique and collectible items

Packing antique and collectible items

If you have items such as antiques and collectibles then extra care will need to be taken during the house move process.

Before your moving company arrives it is a good idea to get each piece evaluated. You need to be fully aware of the condition that each piece is in and whether there are going to be any problems during the moving process. Some items may need to be disassembled, while others may need to be moved in one piece.  Expert help is always a good idea at this stage.

Before beginning to pack your antiques, make sure that any loose parts are secured. If you are moving furniture that has handles, make sure that these are securely in place. If any handles are fragile, remove them, wrap them and place them in one of the drawers for safe keeping. If possible tape the handles to the inside of the drawer to stop them moving around.

Wooden crates will offer more protection during the moving process; therefore, once you have carefully wrapped and padded the items, they can be placed in the crates. Your professional movers should be able to supply these for you along with your standard packing boxes.

Where possible it is recommended that you pack collectibles in their original boxes; if this is not possible, use plenty of tissue paper, bubble wrap and foam peanuts to stop anything getting damaged along the way. Again these supplies should be available from your movers or you can purchase what you need online.