Packing and unpacking an office

Packing and unpacking an office

Generally speaking, packing should be left to the professionals when it comes to getting an office ready to be moved.  A professional moving company will be able to wrap up all of the furniture and office equipment to protect it, and the great majority will also make use of bubble wrap for the purpose of offering protection from dirt and/or soil; however, if you are going to do some or all of the packing yourselves, there are a few helpful tips to assist with the process.

When it comes to packing desks, you should make sure that you have removed all fragile items, with pencils, pens and paperclips being put in envelopes that are then sealed and put back in the drawers of the desk.  If you or any of your employees have any personal valuables in your desks, they should be removed prior to the move.  Other contents of the desk should be packed in the containers that will be offered to you by your moving company.

Copy machines need to be prepared for relocation, either by the manufacturer or by a representative of the manufacturer, before the move takes place, while any typewriters should simply be left unbolted on the desk.

If there are any small plants dotted about the office, they should be moved by whoever owns them. 

Gene Salaz