Packing and moving your vinyl collection

Packing and moving your vinyl collection

Some people are avid collectors of vinyl records, preferring them to the smaller CDs that appeared a few decades ago. Moving house with a substantial record collection can be a worry, particularly if some have a high monetary value.

Make sure that each record has a paper liner, a strong jacket (most will have the original album cover) and a poly sleeve for additional protection. This will help to prevent the records suffering from the effects of dust, heat and moisture, all of which can be damaging during a house move.

When putting your records into a box, make sure that they fit snugly but are not crammed in too tightly, as this could lead to warping. Ensure that any space in the box is filled with newspaper or bubble wrap for extra protection. The vinyl records should be placed vertically in the box rather than laid flat and stacked.

Some experts recommend removing the jackets from the records before you move them, as this prevents damage to the jacket itself; however, this should only be considered if there is a paper liner. In this case, the jacket should be packed next to the record.

Naturally you need to make sure that the boxes you use are strong. Each box should be able to comfortably hold the records and some additional padding, and make sure that the boxes are as new as possible so that they survive the rigors of moving house. Boxes should be labeled properly and you also need to mark the top of each box so that they are kept the right way up.