Packing and moving tips

Packing and moving tips

Moving season is upon us and it seems that almost everyone is clamoring to relocate and get settled into a new home.  Lack of planning and poor packing can result in many lost hours during the process of moving and can also cost you money if you are paying for your moving company to unpack your items.  It is therefore crucial to bear the following tips in mind to ensure that your move is an efficient one.

One good tip to help you move more efficiently is to pack items with other similar items, thus making it a lot easier to find what you are looking for at the other end.  Boxes should be clearly labeled with a black marker and color coded by room to assist your moving company with getting the boxes into the appropriate area of your new home.  Post-it labels can be a good idea for this process and it would also be a smart move to pin a color grid to the front door and to give copies of this grid to your movers.

Post-it notes on cabinets can also be helpful if you are paying for your items to be unpacked, thus saving a lot of time that would otherwise be spent answering questions about where things should go.

Prior to the move you should buy any containers that might be required for the pantry or the bathroom.  Another good tip is to measure the floor space in your new home to make sure ahead of time that there is room for all your current furniture.