Packing and moving large, awkwardly-shaped or heav …

Packing and moving large, awkwardly-shaped or heav …

When the great majority of people think about the moving their household possessions, they tend to visualize beefy men lifting and moving beds, bookcases, cookers, couches, desks, dishwashers, freezers, fridges, wardrobes and washing machines.  This picture is fairly close to the truth, given that there are big and bulky items in almost every household.

Overly-large or awkwardly-shaped items should be left to your professional moving company.  Not only will the staff have many years of experience behind them and be knowledgeable about how to successfully and safely move such items but also they will also offer valuation coverage.  If it is not possible for you to hire professional movers, there are some helpful tips when it comes to moving heavy, awkwardly-shaped or bulky household goods.

Good preparation is the key to all successful moves.  The packing materials you are going to need include clean boxes in good condition and of various sizes, lots of bubble wrap, packing tape, furniture blankets or padding, shrink wrap, lengths of rope, a pair of scissors, sealable plastic bags, work gloves, and sturdy shoes with anti-slip soles.  You are also likely to need some special equipment such as a dolly, a set of tools for removing doors, drawers and hinges, and furniture moving pads.

You need to create a foolproof plan by noting down all the heavy or bulky items throughout your home, measuring their dimensions and those of the doorways they are going to have to go through, and working out the best way to remove them from the home.  Help from friends or family is crucial.