Packing and moving an office

Packing and moving an office

If you are going to have to move your office, you will need a good plan in place.  The key to successful office relocation is building alliances, as this will enable you to coordinate and motivate the rest of the staff in your office.

There are some basic steps to follow when you are planning your office move.  The first thing you should do is to come up with a timeline that schedules all the required stages of the relocation.  You will need to liaise with everyone in the moving team or with your supervisors and managers in order to make sure that the move preparation is going according to schedule.  Small offices will need a minimum of three months to get ready for a move, with about six to eight months required for a medium to large office.  The key point is to begin as early as you possibly can.

The next step is to gather all the information you can regarding your new office.  Get hold of the floor layout or blueprints so that you can locate key factors such as storage space and electrical outlets, and most importantly so that you can work out what the layout of the new office space is going to be when you move in.

Another good idea is to get hold of the layout plan for your current office space so that you can make a real comparison between the two.  In the event that the existing office space you have has some areas that do not seem to work, identify them in order to get this issue resolved when you move into your new office.