Packing advice for bedrooms

Packing advice for bedrooms

When you are moving and the time has come to deal with the bedrooms, the smart thing to do is to begin with the sorting and packing of the rooms in your house that are the least used, such as guest rooms or spare rooms.  Once they have been packed up, these rooms can then be made use of as somewhere to store dismantled furniture and packed boxes.

The first step to packing a bedroom for relocation is to go through the process of sorting, selecting and simplifying.  Every member of the family can assist with the packing of their own bedrooms.  Children can assist by sorting out their dressers, closets and toy bins and by making piles of everything that they want to keep and everything that can be sold or given away.  It is also a good idea to have kids make a decision about what they want to take with them as a part of their essentials box.  Children should decorate their essentials box themselves, and have explained to them that this box is for items that they will need either during the trip or on their first night in their brand new home.

The next decision you need to make is which articles of clothing you want for the moving trip and for the first couple of nights in the new house.  These should then either be set aside or packed in a suitcase for the purpose of easy storage.  The sorting should start with the closets, and children can again assist by helping to sort out their own closets.  This is a great method of allowing them some degree of independence and to make decisions that will affect their own spaces when they move.  You should then tackle the desk drawers, dressers and any other form of storage space.  Clothing you are intending to sell or give away should be packed in garbage bags and labeled appropriately.

The next step is also with regard to clothing.  If you have any clothes that you would like to avoid wrinkling then it might be an idea to purchase wardrobe boxes, which can hold the equivalent of around two feet of closet space.  If wrinkles are not a concern for you then you can leave the clothes on hangers and fold them into either a medium or large box lined with plain paper.  Any clothes that have been taken from drawers can be folded and then packed into boxes of a medium size.  You should make certain that the boxes are not too heavy to be able to move and that they are labeled.

Shoes are the next step.  They can remain in their boxes and stored in a box of a medium size or, if the original boxes are no longer available, each shoe should be wrapped in plain newspaper and then each pair should be wrapped together.  They should be put in the same box and once again labeled appropriately.

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