Packing a kitchen

One of the toughest rooms to pack in a household is the kitchen.  There are a number of expensive and fragile items in the kitchen, as well as heavy appliances and furniture.  It can therefore be difficult to pack them into boxes and have them loaded onto a moving truck unless the process is handled in the correct manner. One important tip to keep in mind when packing a kitchen is to take your time going about it; you should not be in a rush when packing a kitchen for your impending move.  You need to remember that packing a kitchen can be a difficult task and that moving heavy equipment and furniture can be very physically tiring; you do not need the additional stress of trying to do it all in a rush. Organization is likewise very important. 

You should not even attempt to begin packing your kitchen for the relocation until you have devised a system and made sure that you are in possession of all the necessary materials for packing such as boxes, bubble wrap and duct tape.  You should sort all the items in the kitchen into different categories, being particularly careful with any fragile goods. Crockery items should be placed tightly into a small box in order to ensure that they do not have enough room to clink and break.  Have both the bottom and the top of the box covered with paper or bubble wrap and ensure that the plates are stacked in a vertical position.