Packing a house for the big move

Packing a house for the big move

Moving house is never much fun, and the task of packing can be every bit as much of a pain as all of the seemingly endless paperwork which is involved.  The good news is that there are a number of simple tips which can assist us all with staying organized, packing in an efficient manner, and unpacking without having to tear through all of our boxes trying to find something!

One good tip I wholeheartedly recommend is not to take anything with you if you have not made use of it at any time in the last two years.  The simple fact is that if you have not used it in this amount of time, the odds are that you never will again; therefore, it makes sense to dispose of it rather than taking it with you.

Another good tip I cannot recommend highly enough is to start packing the very moment that you know you are moving.  Waiting until the last moment to start packing is most assuredly not a good idea.  Once the move is official, go through your house and start packing the things you know you will not require until after the relocation process has been completed.  The attic and the basement are good places to start.

I also think it is a good idea to label each box with both a short description of its contents and the new room name.  The great majority of moving boxes have small pre-printed sections where you can write the name of the room that the box has been designated for, which saves both time and aggravation.

Lance Grooms