Ozzy Osbourne to move back to UK

Ozzy Osbourne to move back to UK

Ozzy Osbourne is apparently planning to move back to the United Kingdom as he attempts to fix his marriage to his wife Sharon.  The Black Sabbath singer will reportedly leave Los Angeles in order to move to couple’s mansion in Buckinghamshire, where Sharon is set to live while she is filming The X Factor, the Sunday People is claiming.

The news follows a number of reports seeming to indicate that the relationship between the couple is back on track, including the pair being seen out together in Beverly Hills.  “Ozzy loves living in LA, but he knows that if he doesn’t return to England with Sharon it could be disastrous for their relationship,” a source claims.  “By supporting Sharon in the UK it means they can work through their problems and she can help him with his issues.”

The source claims that the couple will both be making a move to their mansion in Buckinghamshire, where the picturesque setting in the English countryside will be a peaceful haven for the pair.  “This is something they really need to do for each other,” the source notes.  “LA is where all the problems began, so they feel it will be good to live in the UK together.”

Ozzy will have to spend some time away from the United Kingdom as he continues with his Black Sabbath worldwide reunion tour.  In recent months Sharon had made a move out of their shared home in Los Angeles, upset by her husband’s relapse into drink and drugs.

Jon Huser