Overlooked office moving strategies

Overlooked office moving strategies

The stress and turmoil of an office move can often make it far too simple to forget about some really basic tasks that need to be taken care of.  You need not worry, however, as there are a few actions that, as simple as they may seem today, are surprisingly often overlooked in the midst of an office relocation.

One thing to remember is to think about your phone numbers for your office.  Have you managed to arrange to keep your current numbers, or are they going to have to be changed along with your new address?  What about your fax numbers?  Both phone and fax numbers need to have been sorted out in advance of the relocation, as they often take a lot longer to get ready than you might imagine.  Make sure that you have dealt with this issue as soon as possible.

Email signatures are something else to take into account.  A lot of businesses have a uniform method of signing off from emails that they send out; if your firm has such a policy then you should make certain that all staff members make use of the new email signature to ensure that all customers will be aware of the change of address.

This brings us to one of the most important things to remember: to have a plan to make all of your customers, stakeholders and suppliers aware of your new address.  Updating your website to reflect the move is also an excellent idea.

Gene Salaz