Overlooked details when moving an office

Overlooked details when moving an office

Moving a business can be a very complicated endeavor.  Depending on how big your company is, you could be relocating IT, telecoms, furniture, and possibly even hundreds of employees.  It is very easy under such circumstances to accidentally overlook some of the smaller details, so here is some helpful advice.

One of the most important small details that you cannot afford to forget is to fully brief your employees about the move.  Unless you are moving in the same building or street, you will need to create an information packet for employees regarding the new company space; include information such as parking details and where the closest restaurants and drug stores are situated.

It is a good idea to assign each employee with a number.  Employees will be able to label their boxes and their own belongings with this personal number to make their items easy to identify once the move has been completed.  You should also create a team for moving day, as extra hands will always come in useful on the day regardless of whether you have hired the services of a professional moving company.

Minor injuries are sadly an almost inevitable consequence of the transportation of office equipment and furniture to a new location, so make sure that you keep a first-aid kit on hand.  This is of course a benefit of allow the full-service moving company complete the move from start to finish.  Another nice detail is to have candy, gum and snacks on standby in order to keep the moving staff focused during a full-day office move.

Gene Salaz