Organizing your new home

Organizing your new home

The ideal time to organize a home is when you first arrive after a move.  You have little choice but to unpack and set everything up again; therefore, you may as well take this opportunity to lay down the foundations for a more efficient and orderly existence.

The key to arranging and storing your possessions in your new home following relocation is making sure that everything is easy to gain access to.  It is very helpful to make sure that everything has a permanent place and to encourage members of your family to put these items back in their correct places once they have finished using them.

Technology is everywhere these days and many people continue to hold on to old items even after they have upgraded to the newest version.  Items of technology such as mobile phones, iPads, Kindles, iPods and cameras come with a multitude of accessories, including battery chargers, earphones, portable speakers, batteries and leads, and these items should be kept together by placing them in a compartmentalized spare parts tray.  These trays are available from most hardware stores in a wide array of sizes and are stackable.

The kitchen is always a busy room and after a move you want it to function at the optimum efficiency level as soon as possible.  Clear work spaces, carefully arrange drawers and cupboards, and stack or nest pots and pans near to the cook-top.  The most commonly used kitchen appliances should be the closest to hand.