Organizing Your Move

Organizing Your Move

A move can be a messy, stressful, and frustrating time. However, it doesn’t always have to be. Bekins Moving Solutions completes thousands of moves each year all across the country. During our moves, we have picked up a thing or two about how to keep organized to ensure a smooth relocation. Organizing your move takes a bit of planning on your part, as well as asking for the right kind of help when you need it. Here are a few ways you can organize your move and make sure you are on top of it come moving day.

Be Aware of Box Weight

The worst thing to experience is the “surprise heavy box” when trying to lift or load your items. Pack heavy items, like books in smaller boxes and pack lighter items in bigger boxes. Most boxes come with a seal on the bottom that gives their capacity, weight limit, edge crush test (ECT) rating. The standard for the vast majority of boxes is 32ECT, while 44ECT is standard for larger specialty boxes and most wardrobe boxes ‒ and overall strength. Keep an eye on these ratings to know where to pack what.

Create a Color Code System

Everyone has been in that situation where you get into your new home, and all boxes look the same. You realize you forgot to label your boxes and now have to unpack everything to find an item you need. Instead of searching through a sea of boxes, create your own color code system for each room. Mark with a different colored permanent marker for various areas. Label the box with what it contains and mark each side with a checkmark with the room’s designated color. This can make unpacking a complete breeze.

Use a Moving App

There are several moving apps on the market that can help you to organize your move. You can take a picture of each item, and place it in a personal inventory. This can be a fantastic resource to also have a photo history for insurance purposes. A lot of these moving apps have several different suggestions and methods for organizing your items.

Create a Moving Binder

A moving binder is a fantastic way to keep important documents close by during your move. Place all your important documents, moving contract, financial papers, and anything else you want to keep on your person during your move.

Reach Out for Help

Organizing a move can be incredibly difficult when you don’t have the right professionals on your side. While family and friends are a fantastic support, they don’t always have the experience and moving tools that can make relocation fast and efficient. Call professionals like those at Bekins Moving Solutions for assistance in keeping your move organized. We can even help you pack and crate your items, leaving you with more time to organize the arrival to your new home!

For more information about keeping your move organized, contact the experts at Bekins Moving Solutions today. Call (877) 594-1187 for your free moving quote.