Organizing which rooms to pack first

Organizing which rooms to pack first

Packing up your belongings for a move can be a challenging task. There are an abundance of items that need to be put into boxes, and then mountains of boxes you have to maneuver around. However, with some tricks of the trade and a bit of a strategy, the packing process doesn’t have to be near as daunting.


Create a Plan

Creating a plan that will help you gradually progress through the packing process will significantly decrease the stress of a move. Make a list of items you do not need to access until you arrive at your new home, get rid of items you won’t be moving, and create an action plan of the rooms you want to tackle first. As moving day creeps closer, start checking these things off of your list, one-by-one.

Pack Up Larger Household Items

Packing larger household items early on is an excellent strategy that will help you feel accomplished. Instead of focusing on drawers and cabinets of plates, utensils, and glassware, focus on the kitchen appliances, extra furniture, and artwork first. As you move these items to the assigned storage place, whether it’s a room in the home or a storage unit, the empty space will put progress into the limelight which can serve as an extra dose of motivation.

Take Inventory

Knowing what needs to be packed and being able to check the items off of a list as you make your way through your home is an excellent strategy. Doing so will help you see progress even if you don’t physically notice the difference in your home. For example, you may not notice that all of the extra plates and bowls are packed up but your list will remind you that this task is completed. So, take inventory of your household items and slowly start checking them off as moving day approaches.

Focus Less Frequently Used Rooms First

As the saying goes, mess equals stress. To eliminate the clutter from gathering around your home, start packing up the rooms that aren’t frequently used, such as a spare bedroom or a dining area that is only used on special occasions. You can then mark these rooms off of your to-do list while also creating a space to store the boxes packed up from other rooms. As a bonus, this little trick of the trade will allow you to continue using your home fully, without having to navigate around a bunch of boxes.

Consider Renting a Storage Unit

If you want to get ahead of the race and pack well prior to your moving date but don’t want to deal with the stacks of boxes, consider renting a storage unit. This allows you to complete the packing process with as little clutter as possible.

Renting a storage unit is also an excellent option for packed belongings that you do not need to access regularly, such as seasonal décor. You can check the packing off of your to-do list without having the stress of a mess and you have some extra space and storage for when you move into your new home.

When it’s time to start packing up your home, the process can quickly become overwhelming. With a simple change in your mindset and strategy, you can instantly ease the stress while tackling the required tasks. So, instead of focusing on your house as a whole, focus on working through it – room by room. Doing so will allow you to gradually pack up your home without constantly thinking about everything else that has to be packed as you’ll feel accomplished each time a room is completed.