Organizing Trophies and Memories For The Move

Organizing Trophies and Memories For The Move

There are some things in life that cannot be replaced, such as your grand collection of trophies that recognize your long list of accomplishments. While preparing to transport your trophies and memories to your new home, there are many steps you’ll want to take to ensure a safe move of your prized possessions.

Don’t Start Until You Clean

Trophies and other prized possessions must be cleaned prior to the packing process. Any dust or debris remaining on the surface can cause damage to your items, such as the deterioration of the coating used on your trophies. So, grab a dusting cloth and gentle cleaner and give your valuables a good wash (and allow them to dry fully) before moving onto the next step.

Proper Packing is Key

The key to keeping your proud display of your trophies, awards, medals, cups, prizes, and awards in mint condition during the moving process is to pack them properly. This should start with the use of proper moving materials and should end with proper packing techniques.

Bubble wrap will provide more cushion than a leftover newspaper, and the use of brand new packing boxes will ensure a sturdy bottom that won’t break through and leave your trophies scattered on the front lawn.

Don’t Forget to Label the Boxes Accurately

Once you have properly packed your trophies and memories, it’s absolutely imperative to label the boxes accurately. Otherwise, you run the risk of your prized possessions being placed in undesirable locations during the moving process – or worse, damaged.

It’s highly recommended to create a coding system that allows the movers to understand the contents of each box without having to read a long paragraph. This can be as simple as using three different colors to label the boxes with red marking fragile items, yellow marking semi-fragile items and green marking unbreakable items. As the movers pick up red-marked boxes, they will understand that the items needed to be moved with care and cannot be placed at the bottom of piles.

However, if you intend on using a coding system, it’s crucial to provide the movers with an explanation of the colors, numbers, or different labels used. Otherwise, you’ll want to write fragile in big, easy-to-read capital letters on all sides of the boxes housing your trophies and memories.

Make Use of a Storage Unit

The less you move, the easier and more affordable the move will be. As such, you may want to consider whether or not it is worth moving all of the trophies to your new humble abode. Now, that’s not to say that you have to get rid of them either. Instead, you can use a storage unit to house your prized possessions of achievements and recognition. If you decide to move them in the future, great! Otherwise, rest be assured that they’ll be there for you anytime you need a reminder of how great your accomplishments have been.

Move Your Most Prized Possessions in your Own Vehicle

When it comes to valuables, it’s always recommended that you move them yourself. While moving companies will transport your trophies and memories from A to B, moving them in your own vehicle will give you peace of mind.

Moving companies are required to provide valuation coverage which covers the replacement or repair of an item at a specified rate per proud per piece. However, your trophies may hold more sentimental value than they do monetary, so this is certainly something worth considering.

It is absolutely imperative to do your research before signing on the dotted line, whether for moving services or a storage company. Unfortunately, not all moving companies are created equal and you will want to find a reliable, trustworthy moving company that understands the importance of your belongings.

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