Organizing the IT element of your office move

Organizing the IT element of your office move

If you are planning an office move, it is essential to make sure that you have the right people on board to make the process go smoothly. A move planning committee is a good idea, particularly when it draws on the expertise of people from all parts of the company. One department of your business that is going to be particularly busy is your IT department.

Your commercial relocation is going to have an impact on the company’s IT function. First of all you need to consider the relocation of computers and servers, as well as other IT equipment such as printers. For a larger office this is no small task.

You then need to make sure that the infrastructure is in place at the other end so that everything runs smoothly when you get there. Your IT department will be able to handle this, dealing with phone companies, internet providers and network engineers to ensure that you can simply set up the computers and start working when you arrive at the new location. This will allow almost seamless working and will ensure that your customers and clients do not experience any negative impact from your office move.

You also need to ensure that your company website shows the new location details as soon as they are relevant. Once you have moved, the website should be updated immediately so that people do not think you are located in one place when you are actually somewhere else. Arrange for someone to work on the new content beforehand and then it can simply be uploaded when the move has been completed.